New vacuum-tight connectors include an extended temperature range

05-08-2022 | Lemo (UK) Ltd | Connectors, Cables and Enclosures

LEMO expands its field-proven M series with a new vacuum-tight model, called HY, and is offered in all sizes and low voltage configurations. This new fixed socket model has been specifically developed for all applications needing vacuum-tight integrations in severe environments.

Due to an innovative potting material, the new model enables vacuum-tight sealing with ultra-low leak rates across a wide temperature range.

It also incorporates optimised PCB tails allowing easier PCB routings even on high-density configurations. The mass connection has also been enhanced and can utilise standard ground pins, or special anti-vibrations threaded holes for 'screw through' PCB fixation.

This new addition to the series lineup provides customers with the highest density ratchet coupling connectors available where vacuum-tight integrations are needed. The ultra-low leak rate coupled with its wide temperature range enables unmatched performances in optical enclosures or high-altitude applications.

By Seb Springall