High-quality triaxial connectors and cable assemblies are competitively priced

08-08-2022 | Intelliconnect | Connectors, Cables and Enclosures

Intelliconnect (Europe) Ltd has developed a range of competitively priced, high-quality triaxial connectors, adaptors and cable assemblies. Delivery from stock or custom-designed products are available.

Triaxial products are provided in TRB, TRT and many other interfaces. These products are used extensively in medical applications such as Imaging and dosimetry in hospitals and clinics throughout North America and Europe and are regarded as the finest performing products of their type.

It produces a wide range of interconnect products specifically designed for medical applications and can design special products particularly for specific needs, including waterproof and harsh environment applications.

The ethos behind the company brand is flexibility, agility and customer focus. They provide their customers with what they require rather than what might be on the shelf.

Steve Groves, global sales director of Intelliconnect, comments: “The medical market is very important to Intelliconnect. We work with equipment manufacturers on new products as well as supporting National Health Trusts with timely replacement of damaged or lost interconnects. Our triaxial products also have many general-purpose applications, including broadcast and security systems.”

By Seb Springall