Handheld bond meters for hazardous environments

30-08-2022 | Advanced Energy | Test & Measurement

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc has expanded the TEGAM 700 series of bond meters with two handheld measurement tools. The TEGAM 720A and TEGAM 730A bond meters are ideal for use in the manufacture and maintenance of aerospace, automotive, renewable energy equipment and other applications where testing of the integrity of mechanical and electrical bonds is a crucial necessity.

The devices are claimed to be the industry’s smallest and lightest bond meters. The TEGAM 720A is an intrinsically safe device developed for use in environments where flammable gases or liquids might be present, and traditional tools cannot be employed without potential safety risk. The TEGAM 730A with Bluetooth LE connectivity enables seamless data communication with any software running on a Windows, iOS or Android platform, eradicating the necessity for complex integration into existing data logging systems.

The new handheld tools provide industry-leading accuracy of 0.2% with resolutions of 1µOhm. This performance is maintained over a wide operating temperature range of -10C to 55C, allowing the bond meters to be employed in multiple applications and environments. Each offers a clear and informative backlit display with a sealed keypad that rejects fluid and dirt with no compromise on tactile feedback. The battery life of the three AA batteries that power the tools is approximately 100 hours. A three-year warranty is provided on the tools as standard.

“Our high-accuracy, handheld milli-ohmmeter tools enable engineers and operators to easily measure the integrity of electrical and mechanical bonds in a wide variety of applications,” said Jeff Hebb, vice president of strategic marketing and applications, critical sensing and control at Advanced Energy. “The TEGAM 720A is ideal for use in potentially hazardous environments, while the TEGAM 730A enables wireless data logging to industrial control systems. Overall, these new bond meters offer our customers an unmatched combination of convenience, flexibility and performance for their critical applications.”

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