Aluminium organic polymer capacitors for automotive electrical equipment

18-08-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Passives

United Chemi-Con HXF Aluminium Organic Polymer Capacitors, available now from Mouser, offer higher ripple current capability and downsizing, making this series excellent for usage in automotive electrical equipment.

These conductive polymer hybrid aluminium electrolytic capacitors (AECs) offer high reliability and 4000 hours of endurance at +135C with ripple current. The series has a guaranteed short-time operating temperature of +150C. Other features comprise a 25VDC to 63VDC rated voltage range and a 33μF to 330μF capacitance range. These capacitors are AEC-Q200 and RoHS 2 compliant and halogen-free. Because HXF AECs are developed for high reliability and ripple current capability, they can lower component count and contribute to the downsizing of products.

Ideal application areas include automotive (DC-Link), power supplies (base stations), high-temperature usage, and areas needing high-reliability usage.