Small-space antenna for 5G and LTE now available

25-07-2022 | Antenova Ltd | Passives

Antenova Ltd now offers a new and smaller SMD antenna for 5G and 4G frequencies. The antenna is named Minima, has the part number SR4L075.

At 40mm x 10mm x 3.3mm, it is the smallest 5G antenna that the company offers to date. Its small volume and low weight, under 3g, make it ideal with small, lightweight designs for 4G and 5G frequencies, and designs that use these frequencies.

It is a multi-band cellular antenna covering the common 4G and 5G frequencies employed globally, comprising the popular Band 71, 617- 698 MHz, used by T-Mobile in the USA. It can, therefore, be utilised in designs that may be marketed globally.

Says Antenova’s product marketing manager, Michael Castle: “As the name suggests, Minima uses minimum space in a design. It is a very small antenna that operates with a small clearance beneath, making it a winner for 4G and 5G cellular designs where space is tight on the PCB. In tests, Minima achieved efficiencies up to 60%, which will help designers to achieve certification for their 5G designs.”

The company provided the device to assist designers to future-proof their designs as operators move away from 3G and roll out 5G services.

By Seb Springall