New ultra-miniature ultra-low phase noise crystal oscillators

29-07-2022 | Mercury Electronics | Automotive & Transport

Mercury Electronics Europe has released a new range of ultra-miniature, ultra-low phase noise crystal oscillators that are perfect for use in embedded automotive applications. The new surface mount HJ22 oscillators provide 15pF load LVCMOS output at frequencies from 20 to 50MHz with typical RMS phase jitter of just 48fs, 300fs maximum. Phase noise characteristics of -153dBc/Hz at 10kHz offset and -166dBc/Hz at 100kHz offset (49.152MHz output frequency, 3.3V input model) are particularly better when compared with standard oscillators.

Housed in an ultra-miniature surface mount package measuring just 2.5mm x 2mm x 0.9mm, the new oscillators are available with 1.8, 2.5 or 3.3V power supply needs and deliver typical current consumption of only 3mA, 5mA maximum. Frequency stability over both commercial (-10C to +70C) and industrial (-40C to +85C) can be specified as ±25, ±50 or ±100ppm as standard. The company can also offer non-standard frequency stability specifications, e.g., ±20ppm or ±30ppm.

Specifications include ageing of ±3ppm/year maximum for the first year, start-up time of 0.8ms typical, 5ms maximum, rise/fall time of 5ns typical, 10ns maximum and duty cycle (symmetry) of 50% ±5%. Output enable/disable is offered as standard.