New fast recovery diodes deliver low loss performance

18-07-2022 | ROHM Semiconductor | Semiconductors

ROHM offers its fourth generation 650V fast recovery diodes (FRDs), the RFL/RFS series, providing low forward voltage (VF), fast reverse recovery time (trr) respectively, and ultra-low noise characteristics. The new devices are excellent for industrial and consumer equipment that manage large amounts of power, such as air conditioners and EV charging stations.

The company developed diodes that combine low VF for more efficient operation with fast trr characteristics that provide less loss and ultra-low noise during switching OFF.

Optimising the device structure and materials enables the series to produce the optimum balance of VF and trr, which are important characteristics for FRDs but are in a trade-off relationship. The low VF RFL series lowers VF by approx. 3.2% and trr by approximately 8.3% over the conventional RFN series, while the high-speed RFS series VF by around 17.9% vs the traditional RFUH series. These products contribute to higher power supply efficiency via optimal design based on circuit needs. Moreover, ultra-low noise diode recovery characteristics are fulfilled. They help to lower workload and components for noise.