Kelvin current sense shunt provides exceptional precision for sensing high currents

19-07-2022 | Stackpole | Passives

High-efficiency current sensing demands low resistance values. However, the lead resistance can cause inaccurate sensing measurements for ultra-low resistance values. Four terminal Kelvin connections with separate sense and current flow connections eradicate the detrimental effects of lead resistance, yielding a very accurate measurement of the power delivered.

Stackpole’s CSSK3637 is a four-terminal device offering resistance values down to 0.5milliohm and a 3W power rating. The fully RoHS compliant CSSK3637 is available in tolerances as low as 0.5% and TCR of 50 ppm, providing exceptional precision for sensing high currents.

Applications include solar power, network infrastructure, test equipment and instrumentation, avionics and aerospace, and computers and gaming systems.

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