Expanded folding handle range for limited space applications

29-07-2022 | Emka | Subs & Systems

Traditional folding T handles provide a popular slimline and very effective solution to locking of panels and doors in many limited space situations. EMKA has developed its established products into a new range targeted for use on heavy or oversized doors or flaps of up to 4mm thickness This range to IP65 now includes zinc die and stainless steel manually lockable units with high security automotive barrels and a padlockable version plus an electro-mechanical central locking system.

These folding T handles are robust with high quality surface finishes that make them ideal for publicly visible areas on heavy flaps, doors, flaps, floor etc., for example on large HVAC units, commercial and service vehicles, generators and automation equipment. Closure is simply by pulling the T handle out from the body of the lock and turning, to operate the latching cam which can be a roller design, or a classic version made of steel or stainless steel in 5mm material thickness.

The new robust dish handles are offered in two different materials. In the first material version, the dish and the handle are constructed of zinc die. Both components may be provided chrome-plated or powder-coated – or in combination – depending on the customer’s needs. The second variant is a stainless-steel dish together with zinc die or stainless-steel T-handles.

The design of the opening mechanism offers user-friendliness, stability, and safety - to open the door, the T-handle is folded up out of the dish and turned 90 degrees. There is a selection of two round cylinder variants – utilising identical or different keys – moreover, a padlock <Ø 8mm and/or an enhanced 12V central locking system may be employed to lock the model series 10503. This makes sure that essential doors can be secured with two or even three factor security. For robust longevity and easy operation, the large locking forces are absorbed by solid steel or stainless-steel cams in multiple crankings or alternatively by a 20mm adjustable roller cam. To stop moisture and dirt from penetrating through the T-dish handle, a foam rubber seal is included inside the chest handle, making it compliant with protection class IP65.

Due to its large, robust design and high resistance to adverse weather conditions, the new handle can be employed in many areas.

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