Current sense now available in 0.2 milliohm resistance value

06-07-2022 | Stackpole | Passives

High-efficiency current sensing requires low resistance values. Values less than 1 milliohm can be difficult to find and typically have high TCR. Stackpole Electronics has added a 0.2 milliohm resistance value to its CSNL2512-3W series. The device handles 3W of power while providing TCR from ±50ppm for a 1 and 2 milliohm to ±175ppm for the new 0.2 milliohm value.

The AEC-compliant CSNL provides stable performance with an expected change in resistance of less than 1% for most industry-standard performance tests, including load life, short-time overload, and biased humidity. This balance of efficiency and stability makes the device ideal for applications such as electric vehicles, power tools, HVAC controls, instrumentation, programmable power supplies, networking and infrastructure equipment, and communications equipment.

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