Automotive Ethernet PHY is IEEE 802.3bw compliant

01-07-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Automotive Technologies

Texas Instruments DP83TC812-Q1 100BASE-T1 Automotive Ethernet PHY, available now from Mouser, is an IEEE 802.3bw compliant automotive PHYTER Ethernet physical layer transceiver which can work with Unshielded Twisted Pair cable. The PHY supports TC10 sleep and wake features. It offers all physical layer functions required to transmit and receive data over unshielded single twisted-pair cables. The device provides xMII flexibility with support for standard MII, RMII, RGMII, and SGMII MAC interfaces. The PHY also integrates a low pass filter on the MDI side to reduce emissions.

This device includes the Diagnostic Tool Kit, delivering an extensive list of real-time monitoring tools, debug tools, and test modes. The first integrated ESD monitoring tool is within the tool kit. It can count ESD events on MDI and provide real-time monitoring through a programmable interrupt. The device includes a PRBS frame generation tool, fully compatible with internal loopbacks to transmit and receive data without using a MAC. The device is housed in a 6mm × 6mm, 36-pin VQFN wettable flank package. This device is pin-2-pin compatible with DP83TG720 (1000BASE-T1). It is also a form factor compatible with DP83TC811. This feature would provide a single PCB layout for DP83TC811, DP83TC812, DP83TC814, and DP83TG720.

Typical use areas include ADAS, gateway and body control, and telematics.