46” sunlight readable TFT LCDs now available

27-07-2022 | Display Technology | Subs & Systems

Display Technology offers the AUO 46” high brightness displays developed for the outdoor and public information markets to satisfy the large format size demand between 40” and 55” TFT LCDs.

Brightness options for the P460HVN04.4 are 1500cd/m², 135W backlight; and for the P460HVN05.0 it is 2500cd/m², 166W backlight.

“These particular AUO Panels are ideal for outdoor applications due to its Liquid Crystal treatment offering advanced wide temperature of (-40~110C) an Anti-Glare (Haze 28%) and relatively low power consumption, making less technical hurdles for integrators,” said Brendan O’Reilly, commercial manager, Display Technology.

Customers benefit from the lower power consumption of P460HVN04.4. The slim design of 6.6mm deep enables simple integration into enclosures providing more space for electronics and airflow management with wide temperature support it can be considered for passenger information and transport applications.

They also provide a reduced brightness P460HVN03.3 achieving 700cd/m² at 77.1W (backlight). All three versions benefit from the same LVDS pin output and connector for customers developing their own controller or scaler board to drive the LCD module directly.

These displays are currently offered in stock with controller card/AD board configurations for brightness versions enabling easy integration to embedded systems also available.

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