World’s first AWS IoT ExpressLink cellular module

24-06-2022 | U-Blox | New Technologies

U-blox now offers the SARA-R510AWS module, a new variant of the globally certified SARA-R5 LTE-M cellular module series. The module performs various applications needing reliable and secure cloud connectivity in industries including asset tracking, sensor monitoring, smart farming, and connected medical equipment.

Building and commercialising secure and scalable cloud-connected IoT solutions that are simple to maintain over their lifetime can be challenging. As well as deep expertise in embedded development, cryptography, networking, and cloud architecture, developers must be proficient in handling a complex software stack. Consequently, IoT projects can quickly snowball into complex endeavours with long development cycles and high failure rates.

The new module provides product developers a straightforward path to secure and scalable AWS cloud services, considerably lessening product development time and effort and reducing time to market. Thanks to a stripped-down command interface, the module can connect to AWS cloud utilising only two dedicated AT commands.

Running validated AWS IoT ExpressLink firmware, the module minimises integration efforts by taking care of the key steps needed to access the AWS cloud, such as networking, authentication, and secure data transfer. The module also provides a variety of security features, including a pre-provisioned hardware-based root of trust, secure boot, and secure storage, and encrypted communication to and from the cloud, facilitating secure over-the-air updates of the host processor and the module’s communication firmware.

“Following the launch of our NORA-W2 Wi-Fi module earlier this year, we are excited to add a cellular module with AWS IoT ExpressLink support to our portfolio,” says Harald Kröll, principal product manager, Product Center Cellular, u-blox. “Offering access to AWS services without spending time integrating APIs or additional source code, SARA-R510AWS handles the nuts and bolts of connecting to the cloud, giving product developers with any level of experience more time to focus on their business.”

By Natasha Shek