New range of high-frequency ultra-low jitter VCXOs

01-06-2022 | Euroquartz | Passives

Euroquartz has released a new range of UK manufactured surface mount voltage-controlled crystal oscillators (VCXO), providing high-frequency outputs with ultra-low phase jitter performance. The new EG_JF series provides frequencies from 15MHz to 2100MHz for CMOS, LVPECL, LVDS and CML differential outputs and 15MHz to 700MHz for HCSL differential outputs. A major advantage of these components is that they are manufactured in the company's cleanroom facility and are free of ITAR restrictions.

The new series oscillators are excellent for multiple applications where ultra-low phase jitter is a prime condition. Typical RMS phase jitter performance ranges from 151fs at 644.530MHz to 163fs at 2000MHz.

The components are provided in a standard format eight-pad 7mm x 5mm SMD ceramic package with hermetically sealed metal lid. Power supply voltage options are 1.8V ±5% (except LVPECL types), 2.5V ±10% and 3.5V ±10% (all types), with current consumption varying from 70mA to 120mA maximum depending on frequency and logic type. Standard temperature stability specification options offered are ±25, ±50 and ±100ppm over commercial (-10C to +70C) and industrial (-40C to +85C) temperature ranges, with tighter options provided upon request.

Further specifications include rise/fall time of 5ns maximum for CMOS types, 0.4ns maximum for all others (20% to 80% waveform), duty cycle of 50% ±5% for all types (except 1.8V CMOS at ±10%) and output enable/disable function as standard. Ageing is ±3ppm maximum for the first year, ±2ppm maximum after that. Solder profile is 260C maximum for ten seconds, twice.

The new series VCXOs are excellent for use in flat panel displays for consumer TVs, video streaming systems via external cables (e.g. LDI), high-speed serial communications links such as Serial ATA and FireWire, SONET, xDSL, SDH, set-top box and Ethernet cards.

By Natasha Shek