Emergency pull-wire and belt alignment switches for extreme ambient conditions

10-06-2022 | Steute | Connectors, Cables and Enclosures

The Steute business unit 'Extreme' is expanding - or doubling - its ZS 92S/SR series. This extremely robust and versatile emergency pull-wire and belt alignment switches have been packaged in a die-cast aluminium enclosure ideal for unfavourable ambient conditions due to multiple coatings (passivation, base coat, powder coat). Users can now opt for an enclosure constructed out of top-quality duroplastic and anti-corrosive. All screws and connecting elements are stainless steel.

The complete series offers a high degree of flexibility. The ZS 92 S is available with various pre-installed settings for the release lever and the unlocking mechanism. This means the switch can be installed in practically every conceivable operating position, including the rear side.

Installation dimensions are compatible with other available emergency pull-wire and belt alignment switches, making it simple to retrofit existing (conveyor) plants with the new switches or change them later. In the belt alignment switch, the switching points for advance warning and switch off are adjustable in 5-degree steps, greatly increasing its practicality and versatility.

Users also benefit from notably lower release forces and paths when actuating the emergency stop function. They make the safety switch simpler to operate and also mean that all the relevant international standards are reliably met.

The latest additions to the series with their robust plastic enclosures, such as as emergency pull-wire or belt alignment switches, are ideal for bulk conveying and handling applications.