Multi-sensor module MCU is optimised for low-power real-time use cases

24-05-2022 | Sfera Labs | Semiconductors

Sfera Labs has expanded its family of Exo Sense Raspberry Pi-based technologies with the launch of Exo Sense RP, a small form factor, low-power edge-computing multi-sensor module built around the Raspberry Pi RP2040 MCU.

Suitable for installation in space-constrained, indoor environments, the module integrates the performance and versatility of the RP2040 MCU with an comprehensive array of sensors in a wall-mount enclosure measuring only 80mm x 80mm. As well as functioning as a stand-alone edge-computing multi-sensor module, this series of modules can be deployed as complementary satellite units for complex Exo Sense networks.

As standard, the device incorporates temperature, humidity, air quality (VOC), light and motion sensors, a microphone for noise detection and advanced audio processing. Further, peripheral, and custom sensors can be connected via communication interfaces to expand the sensing capabilities in areas such as CO2 monitoring, seismic monitoring (earthquake detection) and vibration measurement.

The new module includes GPIOs to monitor external signals and control actuators, while an RS-485 and other digital interfaces can be utilised for system integration and communication with other devices, such as Wiegand keypads and card readers. Alerts and status signals can be implemented through an embedded LED indicator and piezoelectric buzzer.

Fully CE- and FCC-compliant, the device is ideal for many residential and commercial implementations, including home/building automation, environmental monitoring, people counting, room management, alarm reporting and access control.

It can be supplied with custom branding options to support OEM requirements.

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