eSIM test profile download service for 5G and 4G protocol testing

05-05-2022 | Anritsu | Test & Measurement

Anritsu Corporation and Comprion have announced the availability of downloadable 5G and 4G eSIM test profiles for use with MT8000A Radio Communications Test Station and Rapid Test Designer application software.

Many mobile device manufacturers are integrating eSIMs into their products, whether tablets, phones, wearables or IoT devices, for flexibility and to save valuable physical device real-estate. However, because eSIMs are non-removable, it is now more difficult to set up communication testing between the mobile device and a network simulator in the lab.

In the past, test labs and handset manufacturers employed a physical Test SIM to configure the mobile device so it could be tested with the Anritsu network simulator. Moreover, since there is no longer a card slot for eSIM-only devices, the device's configuration must be digitally loaded onto the mobile device-under-test through an Anritsu-specific eSIM test profile.

This is also possible for prototype and commercial eSIM devices through the Comprion eSIM Test Profile Service. The companies have devised the required test profiles to test the mobile devices utilising the Anritsu MT8000A network simulator for the RTD 5G and 4G protocol test software environment in the R&D lab.

The Comprion eSIM Test Profile Service is completely GSMA SAS compliant and provided online through a subscription service. It comprises a repository of eSIM test profiles and a GSMA-standardised Remote SIM Provisioning service to deliver the test profiles to eSIM devices.

"The combination of a repository of eSIM test profiles and a GSMA-standardised and SAS-compliant Remote SIM Provisioning service to deliver Anritsu specific test profiles to eSIM devices is unique in the industry and makes testing easier, faster, and more cost-effective, significantly reducing time-to-market," says Dr Marcus Dormanns, lead innovation manager at Comprion.

Anritsu's marketing director Kevin Ingrams adds: "ANRITSU is delighted that once again it is extending its successful long-term collaboration with Comprion to deliver market-leading eSIM test solutions to its customers to keep them at the forefront of latest technology".

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