High-performance fibre optic interconnects for mission-critical applications

22-04-2022 | CDM Electronics | Connectors, Cables and Enclosures

CDM Electronics offers the availability of COTS and custom fibre optic MIL-Spec, harsh environment, mode conditioning and reference-grade jumper cables. These multimode and single-mode fibre optic cable assembly solutions are aimed at the widest spectrum of industrial, defence, and avionics applications. Three-dimensional CAD/CAM/CAE software ensures the integrity of assemblies’ performance, speed time to market, and minimises costs. MIL-spec assemblies are comprised of QPL wire and cable and manufactured in an AS9100 certified facility.

Indoor, outdoor, and indoor-outdoor fibre optic cable assemblies include optical fibre, a reinforcement strand for support, and fibre optic connectors. Unlike copper wires relying on electrical pulses to transmit data, fibre optic cables employ light pulses to provide faster, more reliable data consistently. Their optimised transmission integrity makes them excellent for the full range of mission-critical voice and data systems, including Telecom (microwave, dish antenna, and 5G small-cell), SATCOM, in-building DAS, and WiFi with SCADA networks. Fibre optic interconnects are also ideal for installation in broadcast facilities and network operations, precision timing designs, GPS, and emergent communications technologies.

The company supplies fibre optic assemblies manufactured in an approved MIL-STD-790 facility, qualified to MIL-PRF-85045/8A (US DOD) plus A3159879 (US Army CECOM) standards. Connectivity options comprise TFOCA-I, II, III, M28876, M38999, and ARINC 801. Expanded beam, plug adapter, along with hybrid connectors are available. Assemblies for harsh environments rated to IP67/68, employing FTTx broadband technology, as well as MTP/MPO to LC/SC and custom fanouts are offered. Mode conditioning cables compatible with the IEEE 802.3z 1000BASE-SX standard, rated to 62.5um or 50um, are provided with OM3 or OM4 fibre optic cables. Reference-grade simplex and duplex jumper cables may be specified with OM, SM, PM, ST, SC, FC, LT, MPT or E2000 fibre. Optical node and distribution cables, payout reels, and splitters are also available.