Empowering engineers with extensive power management resources and solutions

20-04-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Design & Manufacture

Mouser provides engineers and designers with an extensive resource for power management information, highlighting industry-leading content on solutions and trends, including blogs, articles, diagrams and featured products from the world’s top manufacturers. This further solidifies the global authorised distributor’s commitment to providing engineers with timely and insightful information and resources through their complete design process.

“Power is at the core of almost every application and selecting the right component for the job is critical,” notes Jeff Newell, Mouser, senior vice president of Products. “With Mouser’s comprehensive power management resources, we can assist engineers with the process to help ensure they choose the right power management components for their design.”

The company provides a wealth of convenient power management resources to help in design – including videos, blog posts and product information – covering topics including energy harvesting, low-power technologies and energy storage.

It stocks the widest selection of semiconductors and electronic components, including Analog Devices ADE9153A energy metering ICs that are highly accurate, single-phase energy metering ICs with mSure autocalibration. Developed using three high-performance ADCs, the ADE9153A ICs offer an 88dB SNR and an advanced metrology feature set of measurements. onsemi NCP170 CMOS LDO regulators provide an ultra-low consumption current of 500nA and quiescent current of 0.5mA to provide long battery life in portable, battery-powered applications. KEMET Electronics KO-CAP polymer capacitors are specially created for applications that need low ESR, high capacitance, long life, small case size, low profile, and high ripple handling.

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