Wireless charging transmitter offers power dense solutions

11-03-2022 | Alpha and Omega Semiconductor | Power

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited (AOS) has released the AOZ32034AQV, a new product in the family of coil drivers for wireless charging transmitter circuits of up to 50W. The device is packaged in a thermally enhanced QFN 4 x 4 package, the device is created for wireless charging applications in charging stations, vacuum cleaners, drones, cordless power tools, and other consumer electronic equipment.

The device provides a higher power rating of up to 50W than the previous device in this family, the AOZ32033AQI, ideal for 30W applications. Wireless charging circuits utilise a full-bridge topology with a resonant tank circuit to obtain the best power conversion efficiency. The half-bridge power stage simplifies the implementation of this topology over discrete approaches. A key feature of this family is altering the MOSFET gate drive using the slew rate control pin. This enables a system designer to optimise the design by making trade-offs between EMI and efficiency. The device can be employed for a broad range of input voltages from 4V to 28V.

“Wireless charging offers convenience in many applications. Implementations, especially in applications sensitive to EMI, can be complex. AOS’s new half-bridge power stage for coil drivers reduces these complexities while reducing solution footprint,” said Armin Hsu, Power IC marketing manager at AOS.

By Natasha Shek