OTAC tracker can safely and wirelessly charge asset trackers

17-03-2022 | Sensata Technologies | Test & Measurement

Sensata Technologies has released the Sensata | Xirgo OTAC (Over the Air Charging) Tracker Solution, making it easy for users to safely and simultaneously charge and store up to 400 compatible asset trackers per charging station used to track assets where permanent attachment or external power is an issue. The solution is perfect for fleet operators and large retailers with shipping yards and distribution centres that can benefit from the cost savings associated with streamlining asset tracker charging and deployment.

The company collaborated with Ossia to produce this charging solution using Ossia’s Cota Real Wireless Power transfer technology to monitor high-value remote assets where power is unattainable, including semi-trailers, forklifts, containers, and other logistics-based assets. The mobile station is user-friendly, can wirelessly charge many OTAC-compatible asset trackers at the same time, including Sensata | Xirgo’s XT4700 IoT asset tracker, and can be customised to fit other asset tracking solutions in the supply chain.

Xirgo OTAC charging station’s wireless power eradicates the requirement for charging pads, wires, cables, or specific placement orientation, offering an easy-to-use, reliable solution to keep asset trackers charged while reducing the effort to provide reliability in the field. The OTAC Tracker Charging Station offers an enclosed environment designed for safety. When a user opens the panel doors to deposit or retrieve a tracker, charging pauses and resumes when the doors are closed.

“Our award-winning OTAC Tracker is a first for the fleet industry,” said Shawn Aleman, vice president and general manager of Sensata | Xirgo. “We created a safe and easy turnkey solution that can efficiently charge and store many asset trackers at once, solving the challenge of recharging thousands of asset tracking devices between use and helping our customers realise cost savings.”

“Ossia is thrilled to work with innovative companies such as Sensata | Xirgo to bring the Cota technology to market for high-demand applications such as asset tracking,” said Doug Stovall, chief executive officer of Ossia. “Sensata | Xirgo is a global, trusted brand that industries look to for innovative solutions. Integrating Cota Real Wireless Power into a broad range of Sensata | Xirgo products will increase efficiency and safety while making a positive environmental impact.”

By Natasha Shek