Multizone ToF sensors supplied in a single modular package

30-03-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

ams OSRAM TMF8820, TMF8821, and TMF8828 Multizone ToF Sensors come in a single modular package with associated VCSEL. These dToF devices are constructed using a SPAD array, TDC, and histogram technology. The sensors offer an associated VCSEL, while the high-quality lens on the SPAD supports a dynamically adjustable field of view up to 63 degrees. The highly versatile sensors facilitate the detection of the target area in multiple zones with exceptionally precise measurement results. The sensors can also detect numerous objects per zone, enabling automated robots to gain further sensory awareness and deliver early alerts to potential obstacles.

The sensors perform all raw data processing on-chip, and the devices report distance information and confidence values via an I2C interface.

Housed in a single compact modular package, the sensors support a variety of challenging applications, including laser detect autofocus for mobile phone cameras, presence detection, object detection and collision avoidance, and light curtain applications for industrial safety designs.

By Natasha Shek