Automotive bar core choke offers high current inductance

03-03-2022 | Wurth | Passives

With the magnetically shielded bar core choke WE-CHSA Performance, Würth Elektronik extends its portfolio of qualified products for automotive applications. The SMT high-current inductor extends the WE-CHSA series and differs from it only by a newly developed core material. Consequently, WE-CHSA P - 'P' as in performance - delivers the best saturation behaviour with comparable components on the market. The choke has a current carrying capacity of up to 28A and an operating temperature range of -55C to +150C.

The series is offered in sizes 1011, 1212 and 8090 and provides a special product design with an air gap. This enhances component tolerance, while the recessed solder pads deliver optimum co-planarity. The new core material allows extremely high saturation currents up to over 48.5A (ΔL=10%).

The AEC-Q200-qualified high-current inductors are ideal, for example, for use as input filter chokes in engine control systems or infotainment systems. A design kit and free samples are available for the product group.

WE-CHSA P and WE-CHSA can be ordered immediately from stock with different inductance values from 0.22 to 15µH without minimum order quantity.

By Natasha Shek