Wireless switchgear for two-component injection moulding

21-02-2022 | Steute | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Steute offer a simplified process monitoring for injection moulding machines with rotary plates. Wireless switches and sensors from the company guarantee safe, reliable and cable-free signal transmission in various applications. One area for this solution is plastic injection moulding, particularly multi-component processes, which often comprise machines with rotary plates. These plates allow the main part of the construction element to be moulded first and then – after rotating the plate by 90 or 180 degrees – injection of the second part. This stops distortion and accelerates the production process.

Because this solution is the most refined way (simple to install and free of wear and tear) to produce signal transmission from a rotating machine element, it is already being employed by leading plastics processors. Most of them have selected a position switch from the company's range (ES 13, for example), which is 'wireless-compatible' together with a wireless universal transmitter (RF 96 ST or RF I/O). Alternatively, wireless inductive sensors from the RF IS range are also offered.

The cost of installing a wireless switch or sensor (including receiver and integration in the machine control system) is highly manageable. In contrast, the benefits are enormous since this option is a straightforward and reliable way to bypass tool damage. Incidentally, similar solutions are also utilised for metal processing, such as monitoring the positioning of workpieces in press brakes.