Subminiature connectors meet high demands on protection and flexibility

21-01-2022 | Binder | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

The compact and highly flexible circular connectors of binder's 670 series resist demanding protection requirements. Rated as particularly innovative, they have now received a silver medal at the '2021 LEAP Award'.

Thanks to a unique design feature, the highly flexible, space-saving subminiature connectors can attain IP54 protection when unmated and IP67 when mated. Therefore, they are resistant to physical contact, dust and splashing water on all sides (IP54, unmated) and dust-tight and protected against temporary submersion (IP67), respectively. This property is valuable, for example, in test and measurement and medical applications that have limited installation space and special needs for protection against environmental influences. Other applications include temperature-analysing instruments, lighting, signage and equipment in wash-down environments.

All the series products are contained in a 16mm diameter plastic enclosure. The five-pin NCC connectors, equipped with gold-plated contacts, are specified for a rated current of 2A at a rated voltage of 50V. Their bayonet lock provides a stable connection. Therefore, resistant to vibrations and shock, they operate reliably at -25C to +85C. The cable outlet measures 3mm to 5mm in diameter, and the wire gauge is 0.25mm2 (AWG 24).

All product versions are provided with solder termination, and the panel mount variants are offered with dip solder termination. The series is mainly designed for frequent mating and unmating – up to 1000 mating cycles and beyond. To enable identification and organisation tasks, both the male connectors and the female panel mount connectors are available in different housing colours.