New way of reading logged temperature data

28-01-2022 | Timestrip | Test & Measurement

Timestrip has launched its first temperature data logger – the TL520. This compact and economical ‘microdata logger’ offers alerts when temperatures breach set limits and enables the logged data to be downloaded to an app for examination and analysis.

Simpler and easier to use than traditional data loggers, the device needs only minimal training and can be used at any point in the cold chain.

It is a single-use device offering an immediate, irreversible indication of over- and under-temperature conditions utilising built-in LED lights. Accuracy is quoted as ±0.5C over the normal operating range.

A novel feature is that stored data may be sent wirelessly to an accompanying app for investigation and analysis employing built-in NFC technology. No computer is needed as the data downloads to any compatible mobile device – iOS and Android devices are supported.

The 2-8C default settings make it excellent for monitoring cold chain temperatures in the storage and transport of sensitive products. Pharmaceuticals, vaccines, blood and food products are typical end-use applications.

“The new micro logger provides many of the benefits of bulky, traditional data loggers, yet is much simpler to use and is small enough to store with many products during transport and storage“, said Nora Murphy, commercial director of Timestrip.

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