New emulator boosts productivity with feature-rich programming and debugging

07-01-2022 | Microchip Technology | Semiconductors

Microchip Technology now offers the MPLAB ICE 4 next-generation full in-circuit emulator, debugging and programming development tool for its PIC and AVR MCUs, dsPIC, DSCs, and SAM MCUs and MPUs.

The emulator is the company's fastest and most feature-rich emulation and programming tool for its MCUs and MPUs, debugging and programming with the powerful, easy-to-use GUI of MPLAB X IDE. The emulator offers a flexible development experience comprising advanced debugging capabilities to write power-efficient code coupled with all the features required to lessen debugging time.

"Engineers can expand their development capabilities with this all-in-one, powerhouse system that provides new possibilities and applications with enhanced hardware and wireless connectivity options," said Rodger Richey, senior director of Microchip's development systems business unit. "Together with advanced power monitoring capabilities, embedded design engineers can simultaneously optimise both hardware and software for a comprehensive, power-efficient design."

The system connects utilising SuperSpeed USB 3.0 or High-Speed USB 2.0 with an option to go wireless using Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity for flexibility and ease of use.

The system offers Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity for seamless wireless programming and debugging. Ethernet connectivity delivers remote debugging for applications monitored over a long distance. Furthermore, Wi-Fi connectivity is ideal for providing isolation from environmental conditions such as high-voltage motor control applications or floating systems with no ground loop.

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