Leaded resistors for high voltage low energy pulses

12-01-2022 | Stackpole | Passives

Finding inexpensive resistors that satisfy the demands of high voltage, low current applications with pulse necessities can be challenging. Film resistors provide an excellent blend of voltage and pulse handling for low energy applications at an affordable price.

Its ASR/ASRM series anti-surge thru-hole resistors provide high voltage pulse handling with defined pulse power characteristics. From the ASRM14 1/4W size rated at 500V to the ASRM1 1W and ASRM2 2W, both rated at 4KV, this series is an ideal selection for high voltage applications needing a robust cost-effective high voltage thru-hole resistor. Also, this series delivers pulse voltage handling ranging from 2KV for the ASRM14 to 10KV for the ASRM1 and ASRM2.

Applications for the devices include HVAC controls, appliance and white goods controls, power control and monitoring, automation, medical devices, metering, digital storage, and surge and lightning protection.

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