Industrial-grade connector solutions range expanded

18-01-2022 | Conrad Electronic | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Conrad Electronic now distributes connectors from Molex, providing electrical connector and electronics solutions known for their quality and innovation.

“Even now, our sourcing platform already lists over 450,000 products, enabling a simple, fast and comprehensive procurement based on one-stop shopping,” explains Michael Schlagenhauferr, senior director and leader of the Product and Supplier Strategy team at Conrad Electronic. “Adding Molex product lines is the perfect way to further expand our wide and deep range catering for businesses in the electronics, manufacturing, automation and IT sector.”

Paul Keenan, Molex director of dstribution, Europe, also welcomes the appointment of Conrad Electronic as a new distributor: “Molex is excited to embark on this new relationship. Conrad’s significant presence in Central Europe enables us to support a wealth of customers through their digital sourcing platform, and we expect this move will further strengthen Molex’s position in the electronics market in this region. “

Currently, the company stocks over 4,000 Molex products, including USB-C and Molex Easy-On FFC/FPC connectors. The USB-C plugs and sockets provide a 5A current rating, and support data transfer rates of up to 40Gbps. These connectors are supplied in vertical, top-, and mid-mounting style, providing a mixture of soldering and arrangement options, as well as sealed versions utilising high-temperature plastic and nylon insert moulding to give the needed robustness. Their super-fine pitch and mini FFC/FPC connectors come as ZIF, non-ZIF, slider and flip actuator types. They also offer a range of FPC-to-board designs and support high data speeds, thereby providing both versatility and high reliability.