New automotive photocoupler offers high collector-emitter voltage

14-12-2021 | Toshiba | Automotive & Transport

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH offers a new high voltage transistor output automotive photocoupler aimed at a wide range of applications covering isolated signal communication in automotive equipment such as HEV and BEV.

The new TLX9188 can be operated with a VCEO of 200V (min) - the highest ever produced by the company in an automotive photocoupler and 2.5 times higher than the existing device – the TLX9185A. The device provides a current transfer ratio (IC/IF) of up to 600% and an input-to-output isolation voltage of 3750Vrms (min.).

It is housed in a tiny and thin four-pin SO6 package measuring just 3.7mm x 7mm x 2.1mm, suitable for modern, densely packaged designs. It can operate over a wide temperature range from -40C to +125C and is fully qualified according to AEC-Q101 for automotive applications.

The ability to work at high voltages makes the device ideal for use in battery management systems in HEV/BEV, where it can be employed to monitor voltages, monitor for mechanical relays sticking and detect ground faults, among other.

By Natasha Shek