First development of 5G vehicle OTA RF test system

01-12-2021 | Anritsu | Test & Measurement

Anritsu Corporation is developing the world’s first 5G OTA*1 RF test system in partnership with Toyota and their investment in MVG*2 OTA test environment utilising Anritsu's Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A.

Realising autonomous driving demands simultaneous communications with the surrounding environment, as well as other vehicles, networks, road infrastructure, etc. In particular, introduction of 5G supporting large-capacity, low-latency, massive connections are the critical technology in transferring the huge data volumes created by multiple sensors, such as vehicle cameras, and for 3D high-definition mapping data. Accordingly, car manufacturers, and Telematics Unit suppliers are pressing forward with the development of 5G communications products.

The developed 5G communications products are placed in vehicles as the 'connected car'. However, before release, the connected vehicle communications performance needs to be tested and verified in an OTA environment simulating the actual environment as close as possible.

Now, Anritsu and Microwave Vision Group have partnered to provide the MT8000A and OTA system to Toyota as the world’s first 5G vehicle OTA RF test system.

“To deliver a full-vehicle OTA test solution that meets the needs of current and future vehicle testing, we needed to integrate a radio communication test system supporting 5G frequencies. We believe that MVG OTA test environment combined with the Anritsu MT8000A is the right combination to meet the test needs of tomorrow's connected vehicles,” Per Iversen, MVG chief technology officer

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