Circuit breakers ideal for electrical and electronic devices in variety of applications

14-12-2021 | TTI Europe | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

SCHURTER circuit breakers, available now from TTI Europe, are intended for electrical and electronic devices in a wide variety of fields of application.

The range provides thermal overcurrent and short circuit protection with the T-series (T9, T11, T12, TM12 and T13) and TA-series (TA35, TA36 and TA45). These devices comply with international safety standards. Single-pole, double-pole and three-pole types are offered with different types of tripping, mounting and actuation options.

They are offered in ratings from 0.05–20A up to 400V. They are suitable for panel and PCB mounting and feature quick connect, screw clamp, solder, THT options. Covers are provided for increased IP protection. Illumination in various colours is available. All these products are designed for safe and reliable operation.

Typical application areas include power tools, medical and laboratory equipment, industrial appliances, equipment for construction, cleaning equipment, commercial and household kitchen appliances, machines for food service, and power generators.

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