Microscope software adds powerful analytical capabilities for efficient workflows

19-11-2021 | Olympus | Test & Measurement

The Olympus DSX1000 digital microscope has gained a reputation for outstanding image quality and simplicity of use. New software adds powerful measurement abilities and usability upgrades to the device, making it a faster and more comprehensive inspection solution.

The microscope provides a series of simple-to-use advanced measurement functions that make the system yet more powerful. Automatic edge detection is offered on in-plane and profile measurements, allowing users to easily measure features and defects throughout QA/QC inspections. Other new functions incorporate measuring the difference between two data points, analysis templates that allow users to automate analysis tasks, stitched images with a wider field of view, higher resolution and time-lapse imaging. When the analysis is finished, the new software permits users to export data to third-party software, such as CAD programs and display the measurement results with image and surface profile data in custom reports tailored to the application.

To assist inspectors in completing their work quickly, the new software incorporates enhanced usability features to improve inspection efficiency. When switching objectives, the software prompts users to choose their new lens. The microscope then automatically adjusts focus position so that the user can instantly get back to work rather than waste time readjusting the focus.

To avoid getting lost when viewing samples, the new macro map employs a stitched image captured in panorama mode to display the observation location on the sample. Image acquisition is also simpler: to acquire a 3D image, the user simply sets the scanning range based on the height of the sample, and the microscope performs the rest.

By Natasha Shek