Compact medical grade power supply offers more power per cubic inch

24-11-2021 | TT Electronics | Power

TT Electronics has released its new 700W medical-grade enclosed power supply, the TAAM700. With a small 6.7" x 3.66" footprint, the device offers 17.8W per cubic inch and a wide operating temperature range covering ‐30C to +70C for thermally challenged environments. Together with its compact size, its industry-leading power density is excellent for space-constrained healthcare and industrial equipment, including laser devices and robotics.

“The TAAM700 is an important addition to our already extensive medical power supply portfolio, offering 700W performance contrasted to the 650W available from other manufacturers,” said Frank Rene, general manager, power/IoT solutions, TT Electronics. “Where space is at a premium and high efficiency and safety/EMC compliance is critical, medical and industrial OEMs have a smarter option for industry-leading power density and optimised footprint.”

This highly efficient and cost-effective power supply offers 625-700W of continuous output power with a remote ON/OFF function, optional built‐in current share (configurable to 1.26kW) and provides BF rated outputs. The device is approved to UL/EN/IEC 60601-1. All models meet FCC PART 15 and EN55032 class B emission limits and comply with UL, IEC, CE, UKCA and more.

The device provides standard output voltages from 12VDC to 48VDC. All options are fully certified to relevant safety and EMC standards, decreasing compliance risk, simplifying design-in, and expediting time to market for end system designs.

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