CAD models for conductive elastomer extrusion profiles help speed design cycles

30-11-2021 | Parker Chomerics | Design & Manufacture

The Chomerics division of Parker Hannifin Corporation simplifes life for design engineers across the world by adding an expansive database of more than 11,000 CAD models and drawings to its website. Now, designers receive access to a broad portfolio of conductive elastomer extrusion profiles for direct inclusion into their CAD designs.

Its electrically conductive elastomer gaskets are an excellent selection for corrosion resistance, environmental sealing and cost-effective EMI shielding. A broad range of shape profiles is offered to satisfy the demands of nearly any application.

By accessing the new CAD models, it is possible to speed design cycles. All profile dimensions, tolerances, material specifications and other options are now at the fingertips of design engineers everywhere, enabling them to use the profile drawing and secure a proper fit for their product.

In particular, modelling a complex profile in 3D provides design engineering teams an chance to run simulations of the gasket’s performance in an enclosure. With designs and profiles getting smaller and enclosures needing better performance, the ability to spec-in a profile using a 3D rendering is more crucial than ever.

“We want to accelerate customer design activities by providing access to crucial technical information, 24/7,” says Matt Finley, global marketing manager for Parker Chomerics. “This new resource allows customers to quickly evaluate gasket designs and select the optimal electrically conductive elastomer profile for their application.”

By Natasha Shek