Boosted thermal sensitivity across range of infrared detectors

30-11-2021 | Lynred | Test & Measurement

Lynred’s new range of 12-micron products provides optronics systems with higher performance levels to more accurately identify objects in low-contrast scenes.

The company now offers enhanced capabilities over the complete range of its 12µm infrared detectors to allow optronics systems to accurately identify objects in low-contrast scenes. These 12µm pixel pitch infrared detectors, based on a microbolometer technology, offer enhanced thermal sensitivity, permitting usage in limitless applications.

Applications incorporate integration into outdoor leisure equipment for use at dawn or night. The company's new range of 12µm microbolometers are perfect for allowing optronics systems to provide the image quality end-users need to observe nature in early forest mist and all-weather conditions.

“Lynred is proud to have increased the maturity and strength of its entire range of 12µm thermal imaging microbolometers,” said Jean-Yves Dussaud, chief marketing officer at Lynred. “These higher sensitivity advancements enable us to better respond to the diversified needs in new markets.”

The microbolometer is the emerging standard for creating smaller thermal cameras that utilise space-saving optics. NETD is one of several key parameters employed to evaluate the image quality of optronics systems and thermal cameras.

With these new products, customers can benefit from gains in the performance of their NETD lower than 40mK or 50mK, depending on the product grade and other performance criteria: scene dynamics and mechanical robustness.