New aluminium electrolytic capacitor portfolio

02-09-2021 | AVX Limited | Passives

AVX Corporation has launched a full range of aluminium capacitors crossing three different electrolytic technologies and six series. This new range of surface-mount aluminium chip capacitors adds a ninth capacitor type to its already-extensive capacitor product portfolio, including broadband, ceramic, niobium oxide, film, polymer, RF/microwave, tantalum, and supercapacitor technologies. As such, these six series will offer customers a whole new slate of high-endurance solutions that display low ESR and high capacitance and voltage characteristics in competitively compact and cost-effective form factors ideal for use in a wide range of consumer and industrial electronics applications.

The company’s new range of SMT aluminium chip capacitors currently comprises of two aluminium electrolytic capacitor series: the AEA and AEH Series, two conductive polymer aluminium electrolytic capacitor series: the APA and APD Series, and two hybrid aluminium electrolytic capacitor series. The six series share characteristics, including high-CV performance in smaller packages than competing can-type aluminium capacitors, very low ESR, high endurance, and compatibility with lead-free and RoHS requirements. Specialised characteristics of the conductive polymer and hybrid electrolytic solutions incorporate smaller case sizes and higher tolerance for ripple currents, inrush currents, and high temperatures than standard aluminium electrolytic solutions.

“The AVX team is very pleased to announce the addition of aluminium capacitors to its already-extensive portfolio of high-performance electrolytic capacitors with the official release of our new range of aluminium chip capacitors,” said Allen Mayar, AVX Electrolytic Capacitors global product manager. “These six new series are especially designed to meet increased market demand for compact and cost-effective aluminium capacitors that exhibit high capacitance and voltage characteristics, very low ESR, and high endurance, and are optimised for use in a wide range of high-density and high-temperature consumer and industrial electronics applications.”

The new releases will proceed in various phases. The company introduced the Standard, Polymer, and Hybrid aluminium chip capacitors in the initial release and continue to expand upon the new range in the future. It has already had several new capacitance values, case sizes, and voltage ratings in development for the AEH Series and the AHC Series.

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