Family of flyback switcher ICs with built-in USB PD controller

28-09-2021 | Power Integrations | Semiconductors

Power Integrations has released the InnoSwitch3-PD family of ICs, claimed to be the industry's most highly integrated solution for USB Type-C, USB PD, and USB PPS adapters. This compact InSOP-24D-packaged IC incorporates a USB-C and PD controller, a high-voltage PowiGaN switch, secondary-side sensing, a multi-mode quasi-resonant flyback controller, FluxLink isolated digital feedback and a synchronous-rectification driver.

Aditya Kulkarni, senior product marketing engineer at Power Integrations said: “InnoSwitch3-PD ICs target designers seeking the ultimate in charger power density. This requires the highest level of integration and maximum efficiency to limit self-heating. Our latest addition to the InnoSwitch3 family dramatically simplifies the development and manufacturing of compact, energy-efficient USB PD power supplies for smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and other devices that benefit from fast charging. InnoSwitch3-PD ICs reduce the BOM count to half that of conventional designs, reducing design time and simplifying high-volume manufacture for slim, ultra-compact OEM and aftermarket chargers.”

Offering no-load power consumption as low as 14mW, power supply designs using the ICs satisfy all global energy-efficiency regulations. The high efficiency of these devices assures low heat dissipation, excluding the requirement for bulky heatsinks. The company’s FluxLink high-speed communications feedback link ensures fast, accurate secondary-side regulation. The ICs are also fully protected, with input voltage monitoring, accurate brown-in/brown-out and overvoltage protection, and output over- and under-voltage fault detection with individually configurable fault responses.

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