Expanded heat sinks portfolio offers BGA range

03-09-2021 | CUI | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

CUI Devices’ Thermal Management Group has expanded its heat sinks product portfolio with the addition of BGA heat sinks. Compatible with BGA devices, the HSB family supports a broad range of sizes from 8.5mm x 8.5mm up to 60mm x 60mm with profiles from 6mm up to 25mm. As with its existing line of board-level heat sinks, these new BGA heat sink models are conveniently measured under four conditions for thermal resistance, making it simpler for designers to choose the optimal heat sink for their natural convection or forced air-cooled system.

These heat sinks are constructed from aluminium with a black anodised finish and feature adhesive mounting styles. Thermal resistances measured at 75C ΔT in natural convection environments vary from 6.41C to 39.1C/W, while power dissipation ratings vary from 1.92W up to 11.69W at 75C ΔT in natural convection.

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