New DDR5 industrial grade modules have enhanced endurance and stability

10-08-2021 | Smart Modular Technologies | Semiconductors

SMART Modular Technologies has introduced new DDR5 modules that provide enhanced endurance and stability for industrial applications. These new DRAM modules consolidate the advanced technology of DDR5 with the company’s unique, rigorous test processes.

The company applies stringent testing processes to assure reliable operation at industrial-grade temperatures (-40C to +85C). Customised SMART test programs and test flows connected with specialised burn-in equipment are utilised to screen out DRAM components that are likely to fail under temperature stress, ending in modules that display some of the lowest DPPM rates in the industry. Its industrial-grade modules are 100% system tested at high speeds, beginning with a cold boot at -40C and ramping to +85C ambient operation. High-utilisation customised testing software completely stresses all cells in the DRAM through the complete temperature cycle.

“SMART applies all of its proven industrial-grade feature sets, including burn-in, conformal coating, anti-sulfur resisters and other processes to these new modules,” states Arthur Sainio, director of product marketing at SMART Modular Technologies. “These added features ensure that our DDR5 modules can operate reliably in the harshest operating environments.”

For additional reliability, it also offers its SMART ARC (Anti-vibration Retention Clamp), a locking retention device explicitly created to secure memory modules employed in operating environments that need maximum stabilisation in the field.

The company's DDR5 industrial-grade modules include unbuffered and registered DIMMs in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB densities, and unbuffered and ECC SODIMMs in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB densities.

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