Enhanced commercial support for SiP cellular IoT customers with Cloud services

19-08-2021 | Nordic | New Technologies

Nordic Semiconductor has launched its ‘nRF Cloud Location Services’. The Cloud-based product allows customers to access fast, detailed, and accurate commercial location services for their nRF9160 SiP-powered cellular IoT devices.

The services build upon the company's versatile cellular IoT connectivity enabler, ‘nRF Cloud’. The services will enable customers to obtain a full commercial location services model once their nRF9160 SiP-powered cellular IoT products are deployed. It will provide those same customers FOTA updates for devices in the field.

The services will initially include location services using ‘single’ and ‘multi'-cell location and Assisted- and Predicted-GPS for indoor and outdoor applications.

“With its short-range and cellular IoT products and development tools, Nordic has made access to the IoT much easier and simpler for all. nRF Cloud Location Services and nRF Cloud will extend that strategy to the configuration, management and maintenance of fleets of cellular IoT devices,” says Ville-Veikko Helppi, product manager, Cloud Solutions with Nordic Semiconductor.

“Customers are increasingly looking to Nordic, as a supplier they trust, to provide a simple and convenient way to manage cellular IoT devices in the field. nRF Cloud takes away all the hassle of setting up with an untried Cloud services provider and allows the customer to choose only the service they need. And by building on the established nRF Cloud platform, nRF Cloud Location Services offers Nordic customers the familiar Nordic ‘look and feel’ but now with the high-quality and long-term commercial support needed to deploy large numbers of cellular IoT devices.”

By Natasha Shek