SPI NOR Flash for 5G offers pin-to-pin compatibility with different platforms

05-07-2021 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Winbond W25Q512NW SPI NOR Flash for 5G, available now from Mouser, offers uniform 4KB sectors and dual/quad SPI inputs. Also, it has pin-to-pin compatibility that facilitates code storage Flash capacity from 16Mbits up to 2Gbits without altering the footprint over different hardware platforms.

The Flash Memory supports up to 166MHz SDR and 80MHz DDR in high read-speed and delivers high performance on XIP (eXecute In Place) and Instant-on with QPI. In addition, it provides flexibility with stacked 1GB and 2GB to extend the density up to 2GB and better performance on Read-While-Write.

The device is intended for 5G modem, 5G edge computing, cloud server, fibre optic modems, and smart IoT segments, where they typically increase code-storage flash density 2X every two years.

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