New light management system provide simple and comfortable solutions

02-07-2021 | Ledvance | Lighting Technologies

LEDVANCE has released a new future-proof IoT light management system, making it simpler than ever to create the right lighting conditions for defined conditions. VIVARES provides excellent simplicity with compatibility to two technologies: a wireless option by VIVARES Zigbee and a wired version using DALI-2 technology. The flexible system is especially ideal for office solutions, particularly where rewiring and structural changes are impossible.

Commenting on the range, Nelo Neves, sales director at LEDVANCE UK, said: “Lighting today has to do so much more than simply switch on and off. VIVARES enables new possibilities for our customers with sustainable, dynamic human-centric lighting, and customisation. Major benefits for lighting professionals include simple and user-friendly installation, operation and maintenance of VIVARES. The system is ideal for retrofitting into existing buildings and flexible office space solutions.”

Based on the leading ZigBee 3.0 standard, it adapts lighting to the most diverse demands in the easiest possible way. Integrating daylight and motion sensors increases the energy savings that can be achieved, and cloud-based monitoring with VIVARES CLOUD SERVICES provides even higher reliability and security by creating maintenance and energy consumption reports. Also, the separation of lighting communication from Wi-Fi networks assures maximum security. There are no control cables, so it provides unrestricted luminaire placement and a scalable wireless system for major projects.

At the heart of the system is the OSRAM DALI PRO 2 IoT control unit. The system connects DALI-2 components – such as sensors, pushbutton couplers and the VIVARES DALI-2 luminaires. As an open standard, the system is compatible with an extensive range of DALI-2-ready luminaires and components. A total of up to 128 luminaires and 126 input devices can be independently addressed through two channels.

Installation, configuration and commissioning are simple and user-friendly due to the browser-based graphical user interface. Predefined templates and drag and drop facilitate time-saving and intuitive commissioning.

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