Connector series offers quality upgrade with unchanged application properties

01-07-2021 | Binder | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

In the subminiature circular connector market, Binder offers a strong portfolio of high-quality products being refined constantly. By optimising the manufacturing quality and safety process of the 712 and 702 series, it is taking another step toward state-of-the-art customer needs.

Converting from the currently available M9 connectors with a drawn sleeve, the company changes over to cast ones in the future. The new die-cast sleeves enhance the safety and quality features while leaving the application properties unaltered. The improved connectors are 1:1 compatible with the earlier M9 IP67 subminiature circular connectors.

The product change has already begun in the production department of the company. It affects all 712 and 702 series cable connectors and flange connectors from two to five pins. The M9 subminiature circular connectors are employed in many application areas – from camera systems and pneumatic control systems to sensors.

Users of the series benefit from this optimisation and can rely on a die casting process that has been used for many years and which offers reliable properties in practice. The new manufacturing process offers many advantages in terms of engineering and dimensions. Even the safety throughout installation is improved.

So, utilising these connectors in customer applications remains the same. For current users of the M9 IP67 subminiature circular connectors, there are no changes because of the 1:1 compatibility. The biggest impact of this product improvement happens in the manufacturing department. This is created by the combination of the new material and the new manufacturing process.

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