Compact DC-link solution for PCB mounting in a cylindrical shape

16-06-2021 | TDK | Passives

TDK Corporation offers its new B32320I series of compact cylindrical DC-link capacitors for mounting on PCBs. They are intended for voltages of 450VDC to 1300VDC and include a capacitance range of 6.5µF to 260µF. The current handling capacity IRMS is up to 27.6A (10kHz, 60C) and minimal ESR is 2.4mOhm. The new DC-link capacitors are designed for a maximum hotspot temperature of 105C. The plastic housing corresponds to UL 94 V-0.

Depending on the model, the dimensions are within 35mm x 53mm and 60mm x 120mm. Due to their comparatively tall insertion height compared with cubic capacitors, the new DC-link capacitors offer low footprint demands on the PCB in relation to their capacity. All models in the new series provide five pins, which assures high current capability and high stability on the PCB.

Typical areas of application cover frequency converters for drives, converters for photovoltaic and air conditioning systems and critical UPS systems.

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