All-in-one device evaluates new IEEE 802.11ax 6-GHz band WLAN performance

30-06-2021 | Anritsu | Test & Measurement

Anritsu Corporation has extended the functions of the company’s Wireless Connectivity Test Set MT8862A by supporting evaluation of IEEE 802.11ax*1 6GHz band WLAN TRX characteristics.

Following FCC approval in April 2020 for unlicensed use of the 6GHz operation band as the first new WLAN frequency band in nearly 20 years, countries worldwide are beginning device testing and deployment. The IEEE 802.11ax WLAN standard regulates this 6GHz band, and the Wi-Fi Alliance is commencing its Wi-Fi 6E certification program for IEEE 802.11ax 6GHz devices.

The MT8862A is intended to evaluate RF TRX performance of IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax WLAN devices. Also, as well as implementing all-in-one 2.4, 5, and 6GHz band RF TRX measurements, the device also supports performance evaluations defined by IEEE 802.11 standards and OTA performance tests defined by both CTIA*2 and the Wi-Fi Alliance.

Using this option, the device can evaluate the RF characteristics of IEEE 802.11ax 6-GHz devices employing either the Network Mode*3 or Direct Mode*4. As well as a shorter evaluation time utilising the Direct Mode, the Network Mode aids evaluation under actual operation conditions utilising signalling messages*5.

While developing this 6GHz band option, the company also added support for 160MHz wide channels. Since the 6GHz band reaches a 1200MHz wide operation band, the use of 160MHz wide channels becomes feasible, which is expected to expedite streaming of higher-definition video and larger-capacity data than previously possible.

By supporting measurement and testing of 6GHz band WLAN devices and 160MHz wide channels, the company expects the device to play a key role in developing next-generation communications devices.

By Natasha Shek