New shunt resistors contribute to miniaturisation in high power applications

06-05-2021 | ROHM Semiconductor | Passives

ROHM has developed the GMR320 series of shunt resistors which feature a rated power of 10W. The series is the largest rated power product in its high-power low-ohmic GMR series lineup created for high power applications in the automotive, industrial equipment, and home appliances.

The newly developed series is provided in a resistance value range from 5mOhm to 100mOhm and a rated power of 10W, making them excellent for automotive engine ECUs and headlamps and motors and power supplies for industrial equipment and home appliances. The unique structure and optimised materials enable the series to decrease surface temperature rise by 23% over standard products, securing high ruggedness against overcurrent load, even though it has the smallest size among 10W class resistors in the market. Furthermore, a high-performance metal alloy of the resistive material provides low TCR that makes reliable and highly accurate current detection possible even in the low resistance values.

The company newly developed this series of high-power, low-ohmic shunt resistors while extending the rated power of the high power ultra-low-ohmic PSR series to cover the high-power range up to 15W. Moreover, both series are qualified under the AEC-Q200 automotive reliability standard for passive components, assuring a maximum operating temperature of 170C that gives high reliability even in vehicle environments where temperatures can be especially severe, such as in the engine compartment.

By Natasha Shek