Magnetic position sensor enables next-generation ADAS applications

21-05-2021 | Allegro | Automotive & Transport

Allegro MicroSystems has released the A31315 sensor, the newest member of the 3DMAG family of rotary and linear magnetic position sensor ICs for automotive and industrial applications. These sensors consolidate the company's proven planar and vertical Hall-effect technologies to measure magnetic field components along three axes (X, Y, Z), allowing true 3D sensing abilities with a broad magnetic dynamic range without saturation.

The A31315 sensor delivers the measurement accuracy and performance essential to satisfy the stringent demands of safety-critical automotive applications, including steering, braking, transmission and throttle systems.

The sensors’ flexible 3D Hall front end and configurable signal processing architecture facilitate extremely accurate, absolute linear position and rotary position measurements up to 360 degrees while easing system integration challenges by offering more comprehensive freedom in sensor placement. Existing 3DMAG devices, such as the ALS31300 and ALS31313 sensors, also support 3D magnetometer applications in which all three magnetic components (BX, BY, BZ) are needed to track complex magnetic movements.

“Building on Allegro’s decades of automotive magnetic sensing innovation, the 3DMAG family expands our range of industry-leading position sensing solutions to include virtually any moving magnet system while offering the performance and functional safety capabilities required to enable the next generation of ADAS solutions,” said Scott Milne, business unit director for Magnetic Position Sensors at Allegro MicroSystems. “ADAS is a key growth engine for the automotive industry, and our early position in this market—combined with a robust new product pipeline—provides our customers with the sensing solutions they need to accelerate the adoption of ADAS features in smart, autonomous vehicles.”

By Natasha Shek