New wireless load sensors enable long-distance and cable-free measurement

27-04-2021 | Ixthus Instrumentation | Test & Measurement

Two new high-performance load sensor products from Strainsert Inc, and offered by Ixthus Instrumentation, are based on license-free, 2.4GHz telemetry with a working range up to 800m, facilitating straightforward and cost-effective installation for single or multi-sensor use over long distances, problematic installations and otherwise challenging load measurement tasks.

The systems are ideal as an alternative for system set-ups where long and noise-prone cable runs in conventional wired systems prove complex and expensive. The new products comprise wireless load pins with integrated wireless transmitters, configured as standard or custom designed clevis pins or shackle bolts for single or multiple sensor systems.

Complementary to these wireless-integrated sensors, the new T24 series wireless load cell telemetry system includes modular transmitters, base stations and accessories with the flexibility for conversion of existing wired sensors with strain, current or voltage output - or for the construction of completely new wireless system designs. The products offer IP67 rated enclosures and are developed for the harshest conditions for weighing and load monitoring tasks in aerospace, industrial, construction, mobile machinery and more. The range is supported by extensive software tools for straightforward configuration and monitoring.

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