Highly robust miniaturised automotive coaxial connectors now available

22-04-2021 | Mouser Electronics | Automotive Technologies

Mouser now stocks MATE-AX miniaturised automotive coaxial connectors from TE Connectivity.

These connectors offer a solution for high-frequency data transmission. This extremely robust, EMI-resistant, coaxial connector system for analog signal and digital data transport produces superior data performance of up to 9GHz to 15Gz (optimised designs) maximum. Higher packaging density provides a 75% space reduction and 34% weight savings than standard FAKRA connectors. The company's connectors are intended to facilitate modern electrical architectures with high pin-count suitability and an assorted range of headers. The series supports existing cables, which allows easy integration into existing architectures.

Applications for the connectors include automotive infotainment clusters, wireless connectivity, and telematic controls.

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